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Nov 11, 2009 4:00pm EST
and chills to pay respect to america's veterans, with so many men and women in harms way in iraq and afghanistan, day is all the more important. >> i pray for them every day. >> they are our brothers. >> they're a little bit younger than we are, but they're our brothers. >> reporter: megan mcgrath, news4. >> there were several other veterans day ceremonies that took place today across maryland, d.c. and virginia.çó family members of victims say they are relieved today following the execution last night of sniper master mind john allen muhammad. muhammad was put to death by lethal injection at a correctional facility in virginia last night for the shooting death of dean myers. myers was one of ten people shot and killed by muhammad, and accomplice lee boyd malvo over a period of three weeks back in october 2002. witnesses to muhammad's execution say he was unrepentant to the end and refused to utter any final words. they say his death was a contrast to that of his victims'. >> he was clean-shaven, he was calm, they laid him down, he didn't resist. they asked him after that, mr.
Nov 16, 2009 4:00pm EST
and applause] >> ellen: mmm. >> ellen: mmm. america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet. broadband for america: it's working. [cheers and applause] >> ellen: our next guest, they are trying to dance their way into the finals. please welcome them now. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ellen: one week away from the finals, that's -- that's great. you have made it, you have made it this far. that's huge. >> amazing. definitely went past my expectations and i am sure his, too. i'm excited. >> ellen: do you feel it is getting easier or harder? >> definitely getting harder. everybody left in the competition all deserve to be there. it's tough! [cheers and applause] >> ellen: you are d
Nov 3, 2009 4:00pm EST
grade teacher. he is an alum of teach for america, a nonprofit which recruits recent college graduates to teach at schools in underresourced communities. >> i feel with all my students it was making that personal connection with my black male students i feel that connection was also there. >> maybe for that one kid because he hasn't seen too many teachers who look like him to know maybe i can take a try with this one, see where it can go. i think that does something for kids. >> reporter: and maybe that kid or any number of curry's other wide-eyed students could fill their teacher's shoes one day. >> nbc "nigly news with brian williams" will have more on the teacher shortage tonight right after news4 at 6:00. >>> tonight, you'll get a chance to voice your opinions about whether or not metro should hike fares. there will be a public forum at kennedy high school. metro plans to raise their fares. they face a huge de sighten if it does raise fares. ridership is down because of unployment and june's deadly crash on the red line. >>> speed cameras are coming to prince george's county. count
Nov 19, 2009 4:00pm EST
of delays posted here at reagan national and in airports across america. it was a cascade of backed-up planes and delayeded and canceled flights. the problem started 5:00 a.m. eastern. an faa computer system used by pilots to file flight plans went down. air traffic controllers had to type in the data. thousands of flight plans, just as millions of travelers were arriving at airports. in atlanta, some passengers were onboard. >> captain came on about 6:15 and said there's been a delay. >> reporter: the tracking of planes was never affected, and the computer was fixed 9:00 a.m. eastern, but delays rippled up the east coast to boston. >> i find out about this glitch so i turn on the airport channel. i find out that my flight was canceled. >> reporter: fliers in washington asked why? >> i would think in the age of technology they should have a backup system of some kind. >> reporter: the faa said technical and safety experts are discussing systems corrections. it's the second failure in 15 months. >> this system has needed a redo for the last decade. >> reporter: former head of the saf
Nov 4, 2009 4:00pm EST
. today the grocery manufacturers of america insist bpa packaging is safe. the fda agrees, but it is reviewing the research and promises a decision by the end of the month. >> men may have a lower risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer if they keep their clost roll at a healthy level. a new study at johns hopkins looked at 5,500 men over age 55. the men with levels low had a 60% reduced risk of developing a rare type of prostate cancer that grows and spreads fast. according to the study, cholesterol levels had no effect on the majority of slow-growing prostate cancers. for years doctors have been telling us not to be fooled by claims about low-tar cigarettes. several studies have shown cigarettes labeled mild or light cause just as much cancer as full strength smokes. now a new study suggests that smokers who switch to low tar cigarettes are lessikely to quit smoking. the reason is not clear, but researchers say no matter what you smoke, you are likely to die about 14 years earlier than you would if you did not smoke. >>> ahead on news4 at 4:00, savings sense. >> he
Nov 9, 2009 4:00pm EST
asia and america. mr. obama leaves on thursday for tokyo, then heads to beijing, shanghai and singapore. he'll en his trip in seoul, south carolina. >>> what a busy week he has ahead. >> you could say that. >> tomorrow at ft. hood. > a head on news4 at 4:00, crime and measurement. >> whairan is now doing with three american hikers who they claim crossed the border illegally. >>> plus a major recall alert to tell you about. certain cell phones millions of people use every day. >>> and the video you probably don't want to miss of a lion on the attack at the national zoo. >>> after a summery sunday another warm one today. >> i'm loving it, i just wish i the day offtoid. but mid 70s we were yesterday, not quite that today. did hit 69 degrees and not quite as pretty either. we've got lots of high clouds across the area. 66 there we are, that's what fallen down to. we're warmer than average. and of course, a lot of folks want to know what will happen with ida. it is a tropical storm right now. likely to stay a tropical storm until it makes landfall some time early tomorrow morning. so here it
Nov 13, 2009 4:00pm EST
the campaign. the campaign said, right on, good, you're showing your independence. this is what america needs to see. >> i'll try to find you son and bring them to you. >> i'm thinking if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was. >> the book hit shelves tuesday. palin is launching a book tour traveling through battleground states, including our own backyard in virginia. >>> just ahead on news4 at 4:00, sneak peek. >> a look at the new movie about the end of the world that hits the box office. >> nasa makes an amazing discovery on the moon. we'll show you what they found. >> monitoring the spam in your e-mail account and preventing yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. >> buckle up, hold on, some scary stuff. a new movie hitting theaters tonight predicts the end of the world is just three years away. it's called "2012" and is based on a mayan prophecy where december 21, 2012 is the end of the calendar. while the mayan calendar does end on that date, experts say they just starteded a new cycle. nasa created a new website to dispute some of the ru
Nov 17, 2009 4:00pm EST
. >>> fook is going from online sng to an official word in the dictionary. the new oxford america ctiona added the word unfriend and made it the dictionary's word of the year. their officialdefinition, to remove someone as a friend a facial netwoinsite such as . >>> it is now a iue in schools and homes and offices across theregion. how to stay a sp ahead of e swine flu. e way to fight the bug is knowing whe the germs a. doreen gentzler re >>> any surfaces people touch like door knobs, handles, you'll find germs there. where there is large human traffic. >> geortown university medical nter famy medicoc stays the worst hiding place for germs is door knobs and handles. >> the next person comes in opening the door, taking whatever is left on the door knndcrgheir eye or nose. >> poles and handles on subways, elevator buses, buttons and at the office, your phone and computer keyboard. >> we don't tend to cle those office. >> don't forget about the gym. ophere have their hands all over the eqpmen >> gyms are a big place where you would find germs. they come in and go on that treadmill, they lif
Nov 18, 2009 4:00pm EST
we c do to slow this down and st it will help restore and return america to sandt. >> reporter: khalid shaikh muhammed couldoon be in new york even though his trial might not start for years. >> waterboarding is sure to be an issue. what if one juror refuses to kikt? remember o.j. sison. holder said ksm will not go free in this country. steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. >>> attorney general holder was asked today what might happen if the suscts areacquitted? he answered failure is not an option. >>> president obama is in south korea tonight. it's the last stop on his asia tour. he wrapped up a the-day visit to china earlier today with a visit to the great wall where he took a walk alone. he spoke with nbc's chuck todd about afghanistan and said he is very close to making a decision on u.s. stragy. >> thi decision will be the decision that ultimately ends the war? >> this decisionill put us on a path towards ending the war. >> president obama sai he will announce his decision in weeks. there were anti-war protestors waiting for him wn he arrived in south korea today. the
Nov 23, 2009 4:00pm EST
officer and public intoxication. the involved officer is now on leave. >>> the annual list of america's most dangerous cities is out today. and for the third year in a row, the same city tops the list. camden, new jersey, gets the dubious distinction of being the most dangerous city according to the cq press poll. based on crime data and population. baltimore ranked 13th. washington, d.c. came in at number 16. >>> just ahead at news4 at 4:00, royal rumors. >> that's right it's all abuzz in britain over a possible wedding for prince william. >>> and plus the new concern about swine flu and why health officials are concerned about a possible treatment. >>> and then nasa takes a walk so just how soon before these >>> shuttle atlanta astronauts doing odd jobs at international space station. robert satcher was delayed about an hour after a valve came off of his drink bag. he was quickly fixed and they made up for lost time. the astronauts installed a 1,200-pound fresh oxygen tank. even had time to do some science experiments. "atlantis" and its crew of seven will least space station on wed
Nov 24, 2009 4:00pm EST
>>> welcome back. some of the hot topics. maybe too hot. "good morning america" canceled adam lambert's performance on tomorrow's show. he made a raunchy appearance on the american music award sunday night. abc is concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning. lambert says he respects their decision. >>> celebrity chef paula deen found out it can be painful when pigs fly. she got hit in the face by a ham. she got hit in the nose when someone threw the ham back. she joked after the incident knocked some sense in her. >>> police believe an ohio bank robber went to extremes to get rid of the evidence. they think this dash cam video caught the suspect eating the robbery note he handed to the teller. officers say an exploded dye pack was found inside the man's car. >>> the crowds keep coming out to see sarah palin. took her book tour to orange park, florida, today. hundreds of people waited in long lines for a signed copy of "going rogue." the book store manager says palin signed the most books of any author he's ever seen. >>> just a few hours from now, the president an
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11